How to Order

I make a huge range of bespoke cake to order. I do NOT make my cakes in bulk and then cut to size, they are individually made to order and definitely NOT bought in. I do not have specific baking days, my kitchen is always open! I use the finest ingredients to give you the best quality taste. You can choose from a light vanilla genoese cake filled with buttercream and jam, chocolate, filled with chocolate fudge or orange filling, a tangy lemon cake with lemon conserve and buttercream, orange with an orange conserve and buttercream, coffee with a coffee creamy filling, red velvet with cream cheese or peach Melba with a lovely peachy filling or a very rich fruit cake (drenched in the finest brandy at no extra cost). other fillings available, strawberrys and cream, nutella, mango and passion fruit, toffee, mint chocolate , elderflower, peach or cream cheese 

I believe a cake is a great way to make an impression,whether for a special occasion, a celebration or just as a gift to convey a personal message. Each cake will not only taste superb, but will look amazing and make every special occasion memorable.

My prices are very competitive and start from £25.00. Please call for more details.

Cakes can be collected or delivered carrying a minimum charge of £10.00  Any delivery over 15 miles, a price will be given on receipt of your postcode

Helpful questions to ask yourself before you order

Many people have no idea where to start, so I have put together some questions for you to answer, which will make your ordering process easier.

1. What flavour/s do you want?

2. How many people does it need to serve?

3. What shape do you want? Round, square, rectangle, oblong, 6 petal, 8 petal, teardrop, diamond, hexagon, pentagon, octagon, heart, flowerpot, numbers or bespoke shaped?

4. Novelty, Traditional, Wedding cake, number cake, photo or cupcakes

5. When do you need it for? It is better if you are able to give as much notice as possible, especially for Wedding cakes and cakes that require models as they need to be made in advance to give them time to set. I welcome last minute orders and have yet to turn down an order, even if it means me staying up to the early hours to complete it, but you are still best to call me to check first, as it will depend on how busy I am.

6. Please note – Should you require a cake during the months of May to October, booking early is adviseable, as this is a very busy period

7. All deposits are non refundable 

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